Between Hamburg and Martinique, Greenland and Cape Horn, from theYellow Sea to the Galapagos Islands, from New York, Sydney, Monaco, Yokohama, Cadiz, Bristol to St. Petersburg - there is almost no harbour in the world that has not seen a ship's figurehead from the studio of the maritime sculptors Birgit and Claus Hartmann. The "faces" (effigies) by the artists from theWeser island of Harriersand in the north of Germany are to be found on the world's Seven Seas. Figureheads - works of art that are not hidden away in art galleries and collections or public facilities, but are instead constantly on the move, put in motion by the wind and the waves that carry the vessels which they adorn.


Royal Clipper
Großherzogin Elisabeth
Lili Marleen
Fridtjof Nansen
Signora del Vento


Gorch Fock